ABOUT US // If you just take a brief look at what we’re doing, you might see just another music label. But if you try to read between the lines, to really feel what’s at the heart of what we are doing, you’ll see it’s a lot more than that.


For us, this is about you and me, and about our communication with each other. It’s about how we are growing together, forming a connecting bond, and about how we are pushing beyond our individual boundaries. It’s about how we are becoming one and about how this single entity symbolically represents the whole world.


We’re trying to get the bottom of ourselves, our lives, the things we’ve learned, and the world the way it is today. We watch painfully as our beautiful planet sinks under the weight of our numbers; so many of us struggling to survive, suffering through war, wave after wave of natural disasters, and ever more serious financial crises. We’re finally realizing that we’re rushing into a downward spiral of our own making. But what would happen if we were able to find our home again inside ourselves, independent from the chaotic world outside, and really become connected to the universe?


Imagine how this new awareness would influence the world – your world, our world. At IAIY, we are actively trying to explore the world in all its variety, its myriad frequencies, and hidden dimensions. We use different media and push ourselves to express feeling without any limitations.


We hope that we can reach you and that you will feel inspired through our work and support our ideas. It is in all of our hands to change our course towards a better way. It can be done, and only we can do it!